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Salem Women  In Faith Together--SWIFT

As sisters in Christ, led by the Holy Spirit, we dedicate ourselves to serve God by using the gifts we have received to reach out to one another. 

Co-Presidents  -- Betty Grubb and Janet Rash

Secretary  -- Betty Lippard

Treasurer  -- Merry Muscarella

Food Planning  -- Betsy Cauble and Jackie Wilson

Pantry Supplies  -- Daryl Hester and Melinda Safrit


Naomi and Ruth  -- Helen Safrit, leader

Meets first Monday night each month at 7 pm in the fellowship building.  


Mary and Martha  -- Cindy Wilson, leader

Meets first Wednesday morning each month at 11 am.

Sisters of the Vine  -- Judy Jones and Jill Clay, leader

Meets first Wednesday night of each month at 6:30 pm.

See below for links to Carolinas Lutheran Women and Women of the North American Lutheran Church 

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